Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dont Hate, Just Skate feat. The Rolling Bratz

Dont Hate, Just Skate feat. The Rolling Bratz

Updated 27 minutes ago
Potographer: Hannah Lilly Lazer
Models: Matilda Dods & Lily-Bell Tindley
Clothing, styling, H&MU: Kit Alida Scholley

This shoot was inspired by the stacy peralta's bones brigade doco,
 to me the bones brigade was all about kids having fun,
hopefully we captured that in this shoot!  


  1. Oh, amazing pictures! I always get that feeling 'I wanna skate right now', but then it comes to my mind, that I've never learned how to. It's the same with sushi. I always think 'I so need sushi right now', and then I'm being reminded, that I still don't like sushi.
    Anyway.. I still really want to learn how to skate, and these girls have so pushed me in the right direction with their damn awesomeness :)

    // Nana Maria //

  2. This is AMAZING work...way to go ladies. KILLER. My fave look is the one w/ the pink adidas tee and the tennis skirt<3 Also REALLY want that polka dotted bra! Love love love...ya'll are so talented.