Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Alida and Buffalo lay in the land of hearts waiting for the mechanical birds to change the sky white. To drown out the ticking of the evil clock, Alida and Buffalo would braid the willow trees long hair and prepare their magical chalk dust as a special gift for their Crazy Daisy, magical friend that Alida and Buffalo could only see. Whilst getting lost in the sea of snap dragons the sky starts to shake as the bright blue sky turns pure white.

Its Crazy Daisy! Alida and Buffalo filled with excitement, tumbled and skipped suddenly climbing into the barrel where Crazy daisy lived. This world held endless possibility, yet with limited space there was only room for the girls and Crazy Daisy. In the dark barrel rolling into the unknown they offered the magic chalk dusk for Crazy Daisy so that the ever exciting adventures could become reality.

As Crazy Daisy accepted the magic chalk dust, the world was plunged into complete darkness. Alida and Buffalo hands slipped into one another's as they trembled with fear and anticipation. A flash of light, followed by an explosion of every colour of the rainbow meant only one thing. Crazy Daisy had a special surprise ready, more excited than ever Alida and Buffalo close their eyes and opened them to the shuttering sound of the sky turning blue.

Unable to speak, Alida and Buffalo tumbled and turned as they tried to find Crazy Daisy. Slowly rolling out of the barrel back into the sea of snap dragons they look all around them and see only clothes. Dresses, skirts and shirts covering every corner of the back yard. Crazy Daisy had left them with a new friend, the clothes monster. Yet this monster was not one to be frightened of, rather the clothes monster showed Alida and Buffalo the possibility of becoming whoever you wanted simply by putting on a new shirt. This new friend, the clothes monster, was so much fun and to thank Crazy Daisy Alida and Buffalo made the most magic dust anyone had ever seen.

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